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Expert Healthcare Market 

Research & Customer Insights Consultancy

Nicola Scott Consulting provides primary market research services and customer service optimisation support for organisations in healthcare and B2B sectors. 


Consulting & Research

Targeted Insights to Drive Commercial Success

Identifying success drivers and providing solutions to meet your commercial goals. 
Providing Ease And Expertise

With years of experience across both qualitative and quantitative research, Nicola is highly skilled, not just in designing and conducting great research but in translating insights into straight-forward, realistic and easy-to-action recommendations that align with the strategic goals of your business.

Nicola provides expertise in the evaluation of both new and existing markets, and in the identification of new business or brand opportunities.

Delivering To Your Customers' Needs

​Nicola Scott Consulting takes a pragmatic approach to what is often termed 'Customer Experience Research' providing approaches and solutions that not only address customer needs but also take into consideration the need for internal change management and wider business engagement.​

The business supports organisations to identify the needs of their customers and any pain points experienced at key stages of the customer journey. Nicola then translates these insights into realistic customer service solutions in line with expected return to the business.

Getting to know the people who can make your brand or business a success.
Building on what you already know in order to take your brand and business further.
Making Information Work Harder

Marketers can be bombarded with customer information. Managing information sources and ensuring insights and issues are addressed can be challenging. Dashboards are often mismanaged and more support is needed to ensure that customer information gets the attention it deserves.

Nicola Scott Consulting provides solutions such as:    

  • Questionnaire design for sales rep implementation

  • Analysis services for sales rep and product trial feedback

  • Internal research and customer information collation reviews

  • Stakeholder insight and action pack development



Nicola is a highly experienced market researcher and has been working with, and advising healthcare and B2B companies across pharmaceutical, OTC, medical device, animal health, industrial and consumable sectors for 15 years. 10 years of that time focused on the Australian market.

research focus

Research Focus

Insight That Delivers

Positioning Optimisation

  • Market Evaluation Research

  • Pre-Launch Market Understanding & NPD Research

  • Opportunity Assessments

  • Brand Equity Research including ATU & DFU Studies

  • Patient Journey Mapping

Service &

CX Optimisation

  • Voice of The Customer Research

  • Customer Pain Point Mapping

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Service Evaluation and Channel Planning Workshops

  • Customer Insight Generation Research




Nicola Scott Consulting supports organisations working in the small animal and large animal sectors of the market to differentiate products to consumers or B2B (vet or farmer) audience, including (but not limited to) parasite prevention and surgical procedure optimisation.


Nicola Scott Consulting works with organisations to help optimise the positioning of consumables with both hospital and primary care settings. In the past this has included research into product areas such as gloves, gowns, needles as well as surgical consumables.

Industrial and Lifesciences

Nicola has worked with organisations to help optimise their customer experience and offer to market, find new areas to differentiate and service solutions to excel.



Medical device sector research is a core area of focus and expertise for the business. Nicola has specialised in this sector in past roles, and has a great level of knowledge in the areas of: general surgery, bariatric surgery, orthopaedic surgery, cardiovascular surgery (including implantables and EP procedures), imaging, monitoring devices, infusion devices, among others.

Pharmaceutical (Ethical)

Research in the ethical pharmaceutical sector is also a focus and the business has extensive expertise in the following sectors: cardiology, haematology, neuroscience, neurology, dermatology, urology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and rheumatology and a whole lot more.

Pharmaceutical (OTC)

Nicola Scott Consulting has experience supporting organisations to optimise their offer to market and positioning strategies across the major OTC categories including skin care, digestive health, eye care and feminine hygiene.

Industry Sectors

Applying Sector Knowledge, Guiding Strategic Direction

Nicola was retained by Fresenius Kabi to carry out Market Research in a very complex therapeutic area. She quickly gained knowledge and insight that led to her delivering the best market research I have ever received. She is driven and demonstrates incredible tenacity. What was even more impressive was how quickly Nicola grasped one of the most complex therapeutic areas in medicine and then this allowed her to deliver market of the highest standard. Nicola shows the highest integrity and this coupled with her brilliant and inventive ideas enables her to deliver superb results. I would highly recommend Nicola to anyone that wanted in depth brilliant market research in any therapeutic area and it must be noted that when we started this project this area of medicine was completely new to Nicola.

Lisa Varley MBA
Head of Sales and Marketing Asia
Client: Soho Flordis International



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