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About Nicola

Nicola is a highly experienced market researcher and has been working with, and advising healthcare and B2B companies across medical device, pharmaceutical, OTC, animal health, and consumable sectors for 20 years. 14 years of that time focused on the Australian and New Zealand markets.


Supporting the improvement of a customers' experience and patient health outcomes, as well as impacting commercial success for organisations is what drives her, and she is highly regarded in her field for being able to deliver to all three.


Nicola can help at any stage of the research journey and in any capacity. She is highly skilled at the design and implementation of both qualitative and quantitative research and can run a research program end-to-end, or alternatively provide support at key stages, including strategy workshops, design, implementation or analysis. She often takes a pragmatic approach and is skilled at developing questionnaires and discussion guides that clearly address the informational needs of the business whilst being simple for respondents to answer. From an analysis and recommendations perspective, she can get to the insight in any data set and translate this into commercially realistic activities for the brand or business.


Nicola can work with stakeholders at any level within an organisation. She has a great track-record in the implementation of enterprise wide studies, working with leadership teams to determine customer perceptions, the health of the business and the integration strategy following mergers. As well as working with product and brand managers to help identify opportunities for their products and brands.


Most importantly Nicola is happy to help. Whether you need a full research project or just to check you are on the right lines with your questionnaire design and approach. She believes strongly in good, meaningful research that makes an impact and as such will endeavour to help deliver that, in whatever format you require.

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